Carrot cake with white chocolate and cookies


Yummmm carrot cake! I don’t know how it is un your country, but in Holland every time someone brings a carrot cake, the famous joke about the rabbit at the bakery comes along. I just hadn’t had carrot cake for such a long time, so I decided to make one for my collegues (and for me 🙂 ) because it was my last day of work before my big travls. And a nice thing about carrot cake is that it contains a lot of carrot, so you can always use that as an excuse to eat another piece (of course don’t mention the amount of sugar and the amout of butter and the frosting).

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Dutch Special – Spiced Biscuits called “Kruidnoten”


Today I have a recipe for one of my favourite cookies! It is a typically Dutch specialty, so there is no translation for it really. In Holland we call them “Kruidnoten”. They are only available during a few months per year, because they are part of a typical Dutch children’s feast: Sinterklaas. This feast happens on December 5th, but these little biscuits can be bought in the supermarket from October. You can buy them covered in chocolate or with all kinds of coatings. To make them at home is of course the most fun and the best!

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How to prepare for a three course dinner party?


I love to invite people over for dinner and cook them an entire three course menu. It gives me the chance to create some new dishes and to try out new combinations. Because I like to try out new things, it is never sure if the food will be good, but hey, otherwise we’ll never know if it’s worth the blog or not! Do you get stressed out when people are coming over to eat? No need for stress, I’ll give you some tips!

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Ceviche: Marinating fish in citrus juices


Fish, I just love it. You can cook it many different ways, but still I dare to say that, probably most of you, never do anything else with fish besides cooking it in in the oven or fry it in a pan. That is why I would like to teach you more about a less known cooking technique. When I tell someone about my dinner last night and mention eating ceviche, they stare back at me and say: “I don’t have a clue what you are talking about”. Well, from now on you’ll all know about it 🙂 !

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Red fish ceviche with a grilled watermelon salad


It’s one of my favourite fish starters, ceviche. It’s got some nice delicate flavours and is a light begin of your meal. I already posted a recipe with a salmon ceviche on my blog, but I still wanted to make a ceviche with a white fleshed fish (like it originally is made). The combination with grilled watermelon was a wild guess, but it ended up being a great combination!

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