Travel stories 19 (part 1): Bucky’s little brake down

And there it was. The Perth skyline, rising up above the never-ending roads. This road, however, meant the end for us. The end of the road trip. We would still be together until the flights home, but there was no more road to drive. The answer to the question: ‘ Where are you’s heading?’ was no longer ‘Perth’. It will be ‘home’ from now on.

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Travel Stories #18 – Straight Roads and Red Dirt

Oops. Didn’t realise it has been such a long time since I wrote. Just read my last post myself and realised I have been doing sooooo much since then. Had an amazing time the rest of my trip on Bali, already made an entire roadtrip from Cairns to Darwin and only now I thought of writing again! Sorry dudes. I’ll try to keep it short. I’ll try 🙂

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A Foodie Exploring Bali: My Food Diary

I am well aware of the fact that the site is a bit dead lately. Too busy living! I have been around Indonesia the last three weeks and one of the facts that really surprised me was the vibrant food culture I got to experience there. Since it is often cheaper to eat in one of the warungs (local restaurants) than to cook yourself, I spend three weeks eating out in the most amazing restaurants and foodie heavens. Lots of fresh, healthy, vegan and delicious options. Here are my 10 favourites!

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