A Foodie Exploring Sydney: Sushi Donuts

Yup, sushi again! I am addicted… I just can´t help it, and you find sushi everywhere around here. I think it is just the Ozzie way to go to have a sushi roll for lunch or to get some Japanese treats for diner. Well, I don´t mind to go with the flow at all! Today, I wandered around the Fish Market on Bank Street. After walking past some amazingly big King crab, lobster and abalone I bumped into the Fish Market Cafe. And I saw, whaaat! SUSHI DONUTS! Or ‘DOSHI’ 🙂

Obviously I had to try these. It was the most colorful sushi counter I have ever seen in my life. They do have some normal sushi too (well, normal, still enourmously big, gorgeous and good looking compaired to the regular rolls everybody knows). However with these sushi donuts staring at me I needed to try this, for me, new way of sushi making.


After starring to all the options, I really didn’t know what to do anymore. I just chose the most colorful one in the hope it tasted as good as it looked. I am sure they would all taste amazing, because every donut was dressed up with as much good stuff as you can imagine on your sushi. You name it, it is on there!


The one I chose was made with red rice, fresh tuna, mayonaise, a few chili flakes, some colorful fish eggs, avocado, a lot of other delishes stuff that I couldn’t identify and LOVE. While sushi rolls are often made as fast as possible, these donuts are a piece of art and look like it has taken a lot of patience to create them.

I loved them and am happy I spend my precious 8 dollars on this food art piece.

Have you tried them out yet? Well, you should!


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