How to Beat Food Waste With Creativity at home

I think I don’t have to make people more aware of the fact that food waste is a huge problem in the world. Actually, I don’t understand how people can waste so much food. Working in restaurants and food producing companies, it has become clear to me how much food is being wasted, and for what reason? Probably because it will take more effort and time, and thus money, to get rid of it in another way than binning it. I can’t fix this problem by writing this post, but I think many people at home throw away stuff that they could perfectly use the next day. When I look at my own habits, I really don’t waste a lot, maybe a core of my apple, but left overs, NEVER!

For me, it is really normal and as soon as I have something left, my mind thinks about a million different ways to eat it in a next meal. You just need a bit of creativity and shouldn’t be too picky. Food is food people! Seems a bit odd, me saying this, writing about eating nice recipes and good food, but it is true. It might be that you have the money to throw away unused food, but that doesn’t mean you should. I have some examples for you how I use left overs. It can be that a dish turns out to be really bad if you combine things that just happen to be there. But that is what I mean with not being too picky. I really eat everything, okay, besides sour crout… But also when I don’t really like something I eat it and finish it because that’s life. Eat what you get and accept that not everything you eat in life is heavenly good. Tomorrow another try, or even later that day, so what does it matter if you have to eat a combination that didn’t turn out that well? And maybe you create amazing new dishes and new favourites by just combining weird things! Who knows!


Every type of salad that you have left can become a wonderful pasta salad. The only thing you need to do is cook pasta and mix it through your left overs. If you have it, you could maybe add some fresh lettuce or extra dressing/sauce, but if you don’t, a left over pasta salad is perfect on itself.

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Bread is the number one food that gets thrown away. However, there is so much you can do with old dry bread! And when bread gets mouldy, I always cut off the mouldy parts and eat the rest. I have never had any food poisoning or what so ever, so really you won’t die eating old bread. I always make french toast with cinnamon sugar. One of my favourites (I actually also make it with fresh bread, because I just like it so much). But there is much more you could make. I sometimes make my own croutons. Just cut cubes and bake them in the oven sprinkled with some oil and your favourite spices and herbs. You can keep croutons much longer than your bread so it might solve your problem. Or google a recipe for Panzanella! The main ingredient is bread, so you will get rid of all your bread in one go. Do you like toast? I mean, all you do is making bread dryer… So if your bread gets old just make toast and it won’t taste any different than toast from fresh bread.


Also veeeery common to get thrown away, because it gets sour. But why don’t you just make a pancake meal as soon as you start noticing that your milk is getting bad? All you need is flour and eggs to combine with the milk and everybody will be happy! Or make creamed rice! Nice for breakfast, lunch, dessert, whatever. Really easy and needs a lot of milk. You could even make your own cheese or yoghurt if you are up for it. Quite adventurous right?


I think people forget their potatoes easily. Happens to me too, you always have too many of them and then forget about ‘m. But people, if a small part of the potato is bad, just cut off the piece and eat the rest. If you see they get wrinkly and all just throw them in the oven with some salt, pepper and herbs. Just clean them a bit and cut off bad parts. Don’t bother peeling them, it is a waste of time. Even if you don’t eat them right away, cooking the potatoes kills the bacteria mostly, so it gives you some extra time to eat them. Store them in the fridge and heat them again when you want to eat them. I just crush the potato and bake them in a pan. Or you could make a Spanish tortilla! Very great food if you have left overs. You can toss in every vegetable you have. Even meat leftovers, just put them in there. It needs some potatoes and eggs, but all the other ingredients are really open for you to fill in.

Things that are getting bad can be perfect for your meal prep. If you have some time on a Sunday and you notice that you have some products that need to be eaten, prep them for the first few days of the week. It saves you time during the week and might save your veggies or other stuff that would go bad otherwise.

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