Sunday Lunch Toast with Asparagus and Poached Eggs

Since I started working in Sydney, I know how much Ozzies love their Avo on toast with some poached eggs or vegemite. Walk into any cafe and there will be avo toast on the menu, plus, it will probably be the most popular dish in the venue. So after working in the cafe, where I poached 16 eggs, I went to my other job, where they kindly asked me to poach some more eggs. Happy to have a nice free Sunday, my brain missed the poaching so much, that I even did some in my spare time, for me myself and I!

I had some very nice asparagus for a dollar and after serving all the toast to customers, I thought I deserved some nice toast myself! I swapped the avo for blanched asparagus and added cheese, bacon and mayo. YUMMM! Heavenly good lunch. I called it a Sunday toast because it needs some preparation. It is not just as quick as spreading Nutella on bread. But a good Sunday involves good food to accompany your Sunday chill.


  • Nice bread
  • Green Asparagus (4/5 per toast)
  • Eggs
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Bacon
  • Old Cheese (I used Vintage Cheddar)
  • Mayonaise
  • Pepper
  • Ice ( If you have it, otherwise some cold water)

Start off with blanching the asparagus. Boil some water with a lot of salt. Taste the water if your not sure it’s enough, it should taste like the ocean. Once your water boiles, turn down the fire, put in the asparagus for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then take them out and place them in your bath with ice/cold water.

Place a pot with water on the fire to poach the eggs and bring it to a boil, add a shot of vinigar to the water. Fry the bacon nice and crispy. Toast your bread and spread mayonaise on it. Place the asparagus on the toast, with some cheese and the bacon.

There are many ways to poach eggs, but the one I use goes as follows. Make a wirl in the pot using a spoon or knife. Then get your egg and drop it slowly into the center of the wirl. Poach the egg for about two minutes. Make sure the egg whites are set. You can just check it every now and then. Don’t over boil them, you will end up with a boiled egg, not poached.

Place the eggs on your toast and season with peper and salt.

Enjoy your eggciting lunch!

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