A Foodie Exploring Sydney: Honey Creme

Finally, I had some free time in my schedule and enough energy in my body to go outside and enjoy the sun. I have been working a lot lately to save up as much money as I can. It leaves me tired and not in the mood to go outside, but I choose for that at the moment. Because I have a goal! Last week it was a wonderful day in Sydney, the winter temperatures had risen above 20 degrees and the sun was burning. It made me decide to go outside and explore some foodie hotspots in Sydney, starting off with a new ice cream place called ‘ Honey Creme’, located at Goulburn St.

This ice cream place has multiple shops around Asia, a shop in Perth and even one in the US, so worldwide-seen it isn’t brand new. However, with the opening on July 15th this year, the shop in Sydney is brand new. With their ‘ Instragramable’ Ice creams, this is a perfect foodie place to explore!

Honey Creme makes what they call ‘Premium Soft Ice Cream’. They create the soft ice cream in front of you, using fresh milk and comb honey as a natural sweetener.

After some staring at the great pictures of all choices they offered, I decided to get some advice from the lovely lady behind the counter. I ended up trying one of their signature dishes! A great soft serve ice cream with coated popcorn on top. BOOM! Sweet tooth comforting!

They sell some crazy stuff I actually all wanted to try, but because I only am a poor backpacker on a budget, it is a luxury to buy 1 of these already. Nevertheless, I am very curious about their chocolate bacon and their affogato and cotton candy version too. O wait, checking the menu on the website makes me realise there is actually, even more, I want to try… Rose Jam and Cotton Candy!? Tiramisu!? Whoaaa

I totally loved every bite of this. The ice cream tastes really good, I think one of the best soft ice creams I ever had! Also, the caramel coated popcorn on top was delicious and crunchy, exactly how I love it!

Maybe I will be back to try some of the other toppings as well. It is crazy dangerous that the shop is located on my way to work… Oh dear…

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