A Foodie Exploring Sydney: Amazing Donuts at Short Stop

Everybody loves donuts, duuh. But these!? These are to die for. Even th(d)ough they call themselves Short Stop, I woulnd’t mind spending a whole day eating their donuts. I didn’t plan to go here, but the donut wall starred at me while I walked by. I first went for coffee, sat down and half an hour later I still was highly convinced I deserved a donut that day. Ok, maybe two donuts, even after I had ice cream less than an hour before.

I was pretty happy to see that they just have a few choices. One of the biggest struggles in life for me is making decisions and choose something when I actually want it all. Me walking in a shop like this always results in me choosing the ones most unique. Something I don’t eat every day, or wouldn’t make myself in a blink of an eye. So I ended up with the Pumpkin Spice donut. Also because I really wanted one that was filled. Plus I just really craved nuts, and just as I thought that, the lovely Maple Walnut and Brown Butter appaired in their display. Not the cheapest donuts, so I decided to just stay with those two.

I loved the pumpkin spice one! The donuts are so moist and the filling is amazing. I loved that it wasn’t just a regular donut with a topping or glaze. The dough itself had a great taste as well!

Really looking forward to tasting the Earl Grey and Rose next time. They change doughnuts and make everything fresh so next time they will probably have some new exciting choices. Whoop whoop!

I’ ll be back…

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