6 Amazing Activities in Sydney on a backpacker budget

It is a given that Sydney is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Taking the bus costs you a fortune, eating out is a no go for poor people like us and don’t even start about partying. However, you can’t visit Australia without seeing Sydney. So what to do without spending all your money here? Yes, there is more than the Harbour Bridge Walk! I have been living here for over three months now and I still love every day of it!

1. Coastal Walks

Sydney has the most amazing coastline! One of the reasons I love this city so much! Just a few minutes away from the city there are many different beaches and the coastline is truly stunning. The popular coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee (or vice versa) is just a few kilometers long and worth every step. Even so, the Spit to Manly walk is beautiful! What better reward is there than a refreshing swim at world famous Bondi Beach after sweating your ass off to see some stunning nature!

2. Whale Watching

Want to do something special? There are heaps of great deals to find online for an amazing whale watching trip! I went on a boat for only $30! It was an amazing experience, something I will never forget. We saw 6 whales jumping, playing, swimming around the boat, coming really close to us. What a magical creatures!

3. Bronte Beach

So everybody knows Bondi and it’s ocean pool. It is famous, but that said, I would much rather go to Bronte Beach. Just as Bondi this beach has an amazing ocean pool. And guess what? This one is free to dive in! The beach is a bit smaller which I like a bit better.

4. Art Galleries

Are you into art a bit? Sydney has some great free art galleries that are definitely worth checking out! Starting with the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The building is awesome and it is easy to access after a relaxing stroll through the botanical gardens. When in Sydney, you will find yourself walking in ‘ The Rocks’ (unless you decide not to have a look at the Opera House). When you’re there you might just as well pay a short free visit to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). To admit, this is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but you will never know unless you go 🙂 The last one I really enjoyed was the White Rabbit Gallery. I usually am not that much into this kind of art since they display a Japanese style, but the exhibit I saw was great! They all change exhibitions though, so you never know what you get to see!

And this was my favorite in the White Rabbit Art Gallery 🙂 Rain drops!

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5. Drinks with a view

This is a tip I am giving you but actually haven’t tried myself yet. When you go up to the 32 floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, you will find the bar. It is in the middle of CBD and high, so it will give you amazing views of the city, including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. All you have to do is buy a drink (and maybe you have to call them for a booking or something, but I am not sure about that). Might even be cheaper and more relaxing than visiting the Sydney Tower Eye!

6. Sunday Transport

Sundays are heaven! You can go anywhere you like with your Opal-card, for only 2,50$! What about some cheap ferry rides to Manly? Enjoying sunshine and views of Sydney’s iconic landmarks, while you are chilling on a boat! Or what about a fun day trip to the Blue Mountains? Go where you want to, it’s cheap ass!

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