How to get amazing photos as a solo traveller?

I have been travelling for almost a year now and often go exploring by myself. This is probably the best time of my life, so I feel like I have to record everything. It is a time I will never forget and want to remember for ever. I keep a journal with all my tickets, highlights and experiences, which is pretty full already, but nothing brings back memories better than pictures of the moment you were the happiest person on earth. So how do you get these awesome travel photos when you travel alone? I got 5 tips for you that will instantly give you amazing pictures.

1. Get Inspired!

It is not bad to get some inspiration from other travelers. If you see some pictures you really like, it is not much effort to create the same image. If I go to some popular places, I just search what photos other travelers made. You soon will see what kind of pictures you like, which photo angles work well at the particular location and which frame gives the best idea of the amazing place you are.

2. Just ask

You might be a little bit uncomfortable asking other people. You feel like you are a traveler, not a tourist and this is a bloody touristic thing to ask, right? Well, forget that. You will thank yourself later when you got an amazing shot with the statue of liberty or the opera house. One important thing though: Create the shot before you ask someone! Not everybody you ask is a professional photographer, actually, if you don’t think about the shot before you ask someone, you will end up with a crappy shot. Prepare the shot, so the one taking it only has to think about actually pushing the button. Most cameras will allow you to change the location of the focus points before you shoot. Think about the shot you’d like to have, think about where you will be in the shot and prepare the camera settings. Place the focus in the shot where your face will be. Just brief the person you ask, to place the square of the focus point on your face, and you will end up with the composition you wanted 🙂

3. Get a tripod or get creative

When you go to the less touristy places and find amazing landscapes, there might be nobody to ask. In that case, it is good to have a tripod or at least some way to place the camera at the place you need. Honestly I usually only use my tripod for night shots, I don’t carry it with me when I go on an epic hour long hike. In that case, you just need to work with what you have. I often use my backpack to get the camera a bit higher from the ground and I use props whenever I can find them. A water bottle works perfect to change the angle of the lens (used a bottle for this photo) and all you need else is a kind of flat surface. Try to keep the camera as level as possible, otherwise, you might have to cut the best parts of the landscape when you level the horizon of the shot. A bit skew isn’t a problem, you can fix that while editing the pictures later on. You might end up with amazing angles and more creative, different pictures by using what you got!

4. Make multiple shots

When you use the timer to shoot yourself, but also when you ask someone else to take the picture, you are more likely to end up with a picture you like if you have something to choose from. You are more likely to end up with more spontaneous photos or just to catch the breeze through your hair at the right moment. I usually set my camera at about 4-6 shots when I use the timer and when I ask someone, I just use the continuous shooting setting.

Nice place for pictures at this historic site #newzealand #photography #travel

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5. Stop Posing

Last but not least, stop bloody posing! You have a few general poses, that will give you a couple of nice shots, but when you travel for a long time, you will end up with a million photos of you that look exactly the same. Instead, I like to take pictures while I am moving now. I just walk around, do my hair, dance a little. It makes a spontaneous picture and prevents you from having the same shot over and over again. You might also like to use some props like your cap or sunnies, play with the dress you are wearing or use the sand. Just don’t stand and smile. Play with angles, make a picture from the side of your face, look away from the camera, then look back. If you use tip4 you have a few chances to rock the moment!

Show the world where you are and what you do and create awesome memories with shots starring YOU!

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