Dagboekverhalen #16 – Meet Bucky

Gday all!
A lot has changed since my last update, I know, It has been a while, so it is gonna be a long read for you guys. Woops, sorry… After working my ass off the past three months, I am finally back on the road! It all didn’t really go as smooth as planned, but I am so damn happy about my current ware bouts. After a bit of tossing and turning I decided to buy my own van for the rest of my travels. It was a bit of a decision, because I don’t know shit about cars.

You never know what you buy, where it has been before you bought it and what things happened to it. Still, I had this thing in mind of living on the road, parking my cute little van anywhere I like and spend the night camping, sleeping in my car, making campfire on the campsites and live in the open air. Part of it will stay fantasy for ever, because I probably won’t be allowed to make fire and sleeping in your own car is on many places forbidden. I have travelled in cars and vans before, but they were never mine. If I wanted to do such thing, now would be the chance. I decided to search for a mechanic that could check some cars out for me before I would buy them, because honestly, I can’t even check the oil… I searched on Gumtree, Facebook everywhere and just couldn’t find what I was looking for (it took a while before I knew what I was looking for anyway). Finally I found one that I thought was good, but my mechanic laughed and said it basically was a pile of shit. Same happened with the second car and the third one, finally, was a good one. Well, good, good enough. A Toyota Hiace from 1998, previously used as Telstra van, with 370.000km on the odometer, nothing inside (not even a decent floor) and shitloads of holes in the floor, roof, sides everywhere. But okay, the motor was okay and the mechanic had to fix some things, but it would be good enough for a long roadtrip. This is what it looked like when I bought it:

My next plan was to go on a roadtrip along the East Coast. From Sydney all the way up to Cairns. There are some famous things on the East Coast such as the Whitsundays and Fraser Island and of course the Great Barrier Reef. So besides just going my own way in my van, I booked a few tours here and there. Unfortunately it means that I am bound to be at places on certain days. Not as flexible as I would like to be, but we’ll see how we roll 

After sorting out the registration, mechanical shit and payments, I had three days to build everything. And I didn’t even know where to start. Problem one: no tools, problem two: no knowledge. Great combination, haha. Besides, three days is fucking short. I did some research on the internet before I started and all people made guides about How to build a campervan in 17 days, a month, a week… Uhh real nice, I only have three days and they write about it as if a week is mega fast. But booom! Three days and I am so happy with the result! I can make everyone on earth jealous, honestly, I nailed it! I made the holes in the floor and made a nice looking floor with MDF and Vinyl. I found a free bed on Gumtree and also found a free computer desk that would perfectly fit as my kitchen and some free wood on the streets to make a bench and table. So after finding a cheap ass car, I also managed to build a whole interior for as little as 40$. Magically enough, without measuring that much, everything fell into place. My chairs fit next to my gas cooker under the bench, as if it was meant to be. I thought it would be nice to make it a bit more cosy and home-like, so spent most money on decorations. I even have a fake plant!


Waking up during sunset, all you have to do is open the door and enjoy from bed 🙂
Cosy 🙂

After a test camping trip in The Blue Mountains with one of my roommates from Sydney, it was time to head up North. During the trip in the Blue Mountains, we gave the car the name Bucky (named after Buckland St. where I lived the past months). Also Fran painted an awesome turtle on the side of my van, I found a travel mate (the German Verena) and before I knew it I was back on the road!

Test Camping in the Blue Mountains with roommate Nina. Also showing the stunning kitchen, with sliding table and perfectly fitting eskey.
Hitting the road with Verena the first two weeks!

We stopped on the places where we wanted to stop and slept on free campsites most of the time. After a few days my surf camp would start. Three days of surf lessons and fun! Woohooo! Of course I am a full learned pro now and can surf on 30 meter high waves, with two fingers in my nose. Also Verena took some lessons and we hired a board together to practice some more when we arrived in Byron Bay. We made our way from one hippie town to the other followed by beach after beach. Morning swims in the ocean, waterfall showers and stargazing, all included. In about two weeks’ time we got to Noosa, where today Verena and I went separate ways again. Verena starts working and I am heading to Fraser Island tomorrow, my second planned tour. So far I notice that I feel like I am hurrying too much. I don’t like to travel with deadlines, totally not used to that. I am still enjoying myself though, doing some amazing stuff!


Fraser Island was awesome! At first I wasn’t sure if I would be happy with the kind of tour that I booked, but at the end I had much fun. We went in a big army-like truck that took us along the beaches. Fraser Island is one of the world’s biggest sand islands and has some pretty amazing natural miracles on it. Some of it may not seem very special, but if you here the explanation about how it is formed and what things actually are, you realise the place is amazing. Obviously it is cool to drive on a beach highway in general, but we also enjoyed a beautiful lake which was completely filled with raindrops, no water goes in or out, only rain that fills it up.

We swam in a creek, walked through beautiful rainforest and I learned how to throw a boomerang! Even saw a dingo! At the end of the trip, we stopped at the beach where scenic flights took off. If you wanted you could go on one for 80$. I hesitated at first, but soon enough I was in my You Only Live Once mindset again, up in the air I went.

When we actually weren’t on Fraser Island anymore, we past one of the biggest highlights of the tour for me, rainbow beach. An awesome beach with coloured cliffs, so stunning!

Today I spend a day in Noosa, just chilling, not doing much and tomorrow I am driving on, with my new travelmates! Yes, mates. We are gonna try to go with three people in Bucky. It should work I think…
I’ll let you know how we went in my next blog 

Now I’m gonna dream about koalas, Good Night!


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