A Foodie Exploring Bali: My Food Diary

I am well aware of the fact that the site is a bit dead lately. Too busy living! I have been around Indonesia the last three weeks and one of the facts that really surprised me was the vibrant food culture I got to experience there. Since it is often cheaper to eat in one of the warungs (local restaurants) than to cook yourself, I spend three weeks eating out in the most amazing restaurants and foodie heavens. Lots of fresh, healthy, vegan and delicious options. Here are my 10 favourites!

  1. Fresh Coconuts!

Nothing beats the refreshing juice from the young coconuts. A hot day on the beach needs it! Chopped open by the seller. It isn’t getting any better than this! Or is it?

A coconut way of life . . . #coconut #travel #indonesia #paradise #food

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2. Grilled Fish

You need to make sure it is fresh and has been stored on ice before they cook it, so it is the best when you choose the fish you want them to cook straight from the coolbox. But when you know it is fresh, it is gonna taste like heaven! When eating in Indonesia it is a blessing if you get the chance to experience how the locals eat, like I had. Cooked by the mom in law of a local boy I met. Cooked with love, like she cooks for her own kids. You get the fish in a whole piece, but the meat comes off the bone so easily! Some white rice, squid, sauces and sambal (that I didn’t touch) and a feast is ready to be eaten with the fingers. Yep, no knife, fork or spoon in sight. The local way!

Winner winner, local diner . . #stickyfingers #local #indonesia

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3. Tuna Pokebowl

A health kick you can’t resist. Sushi in a bowl. Me, as a huge sushi lover, loved this lunch on the beach. A bowl of rice and lots of veggies, avo, sauce, tuna, sesame seeds and so on and so forth on top. Delish!

#toughlife Lunch on the beach at Gili Trawangan

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4. Fresh Juices

Juicy heaven in every corner of the island. Whatever fruit you adore, they juice it for you. Makes you thirsty even if you weren’t already because of the heat.

Juice-o-clock . . . . #dragonfruit #juice #colorful #gili #indonesia #fruit

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5. Grilled Veggie Salad 

When in Ubud I sat down in a nice little cafe called GrandPa’s. I took a spot where I could overlook the hassle and bustle on the streets and ordered this overly saint full grilled veggie salad. Yumm!

6. Lemon Chicken Wrap

You can’t go wrong with a good wrap, but this one was surprisingly good. Probably better than any I would ever make myself. I mean, look at it!

Bloody miss those awesome Bali-lunches! #cheap #amazing #healthy #eats #bali #chicken #wrap

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7. Overnight Chai Pudding

When partying on the Gili’s, you definitely need a proper brekky to get rid of ridiculous hangovers. This did just the trick! The Bayan Tree cafe took care of us every morning. I never really ate all these healthy foodie things as chai pudding before, but this was damn delicious! An inspiration for when I am back home.

Breakfast is life #overnight #chaipudding #fresh #fruit #gili #life #breakfast #cafe

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8. Gado Gado & Cap Cay

Definitely, my favourites to order at a warung. Totally in love with peanut sauce that you get with the Gado Gado and the sauce with the cap cay is to die for. Basically, all the dishes are based on veggies and rice in a warung. Also lots of choices with chicken or veggie options as tofu. But it is always good to stay away from the chicken in places like this when you like to avoid the Bali belly. Some of the dishes with meat are just to good tho.

9. Smoothie Bowls!

How did I never eat this before? I need this more in my life dudes! They look amazing, are delicious, nutritious and fill you up until lunch. I don’t know why this was the first one I ever ate, but it won’t be my last. For sure!

Smooth mornings 🍌 . . . . #smoothiebowl #nalu #nalubowls #bali #uluwatu #indonesia #breakfast #fruit #healthy #foodporn #banana #foodie

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10. Uhhh Bintangs?

Just because I like the number 10 more than 9 and these are kind of essential on your Bali trip. A beer during the most amazing sunsets can’t be skipped.

My last few days in Bali need some more spa & massage and less Bintangs…

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