Avocado & Shrimp Quick ‘Pizza’

Nope. No difficult baking this time. When in lazy modus you can work your magic with something that is already in your kitchen. Had enough of the regular way to eat wraps? Here’s a refreshing way to eat them!

When eating wraps, ever thought of making them crispy by baking them in a pan or on the grill/bbq? You’ll end up with a nice crispy base, just like an ultra-thin pizza base! Yeah! Easy and quick, we like pizza 🙂 Perfect when you want something extra during a BBQ or just as a lovely summery meal or lunch.a

To make the wraps crispy, you can fry them in a dry hot pan or roast them on the grill. You have to keep watching them because you want them to be crispy, not burned. It happens in the blink of an eye. It is normal if they blow up a bit. No biggy. Just puncture the air bubble and push the air out.

Of course you can top them with whatever you like. This time I chose for avocado and Dutch shrimps with a tomato salsa and rocket to top it off!

I used half an avocado, added enough pepper and salt. Them I chopped a tomato finely with some red onion and garlic. These shrimps we had were already cooked and ready to go, so no work there either.

Hope this gave you some inspiration for your next bbq or summary meal!

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