The Travelling Shoes

Last summer I travelled trough Europe by train. I was looking for some kind of souvenir to never forget this wonderful trip, and no, not a store bought refrigerator magnate. After a close up picture I randomly made from my dirty shoes after an adventure in Berlin I found my souvenir idea! I would make a picture of my shoes in every city, with something on the background that shows which city it is. Think about buildings and known places. Today I will show you my travelling shoes pics!
Berlin: Fernsehturm
Berlin: After a trip to Teufelsberg

In Berlin I hadn’t had enough time after getting the whole shoepic idea. Otherwise I would have made one at the Berlin Wall or Branderburger Tor. On the Berlin photo I do have the famous Fernsehen Tower on the background, so that is all I got.

Praag: De Karlsbrug

After Berlin my journey continued to Prague. The biggest tourist attraction here is the Carls Bridge and also the Prague Television tower is well-known. The tower was once voted to be the ugliest building in Europe and is know for the babies that are sticking on the side of the buidling, very weird.

Shoe 15
Praag: De Televisietoren

After Prague I continued to Vienna. I didn’t think Vienna was really interesting and really had to think about where to take the photo. A famous thing in Vienna is Belvédère, so I decided to go there. However I never managed to get to this place, I simply couldn’t find it. Therefor I decided to go to Slot Schönbrunn, a gigantic also quite known palace with a beautiful garden.


Shoe 14
Wenen: Het Schönbrunn paleis
In Venice I could of course not go around the awesome gondolas. A true Ventian image. I made multiple pictures in Venice because I didn’t know how every pic would turn out. I actually liked them all!
Shoe 12
Venetië: Typisch Venetiaans beeld


Typisch Venetië


Shoe 9
Venetië: Steegje in de binnenstad
The picture for Milan can of course only be taken at the Cathedral. Later, when I came back to the square at night I regretted the fact that I wore my flipflops instead of my AllStars, because wow, its beautiful at night!
Shoe 5
Milaan: Duomo
After 1 day I left Milan for Elba to chill on the beaches a week long and to move as less as possible. I didn’t really see the Island so didn’t make a picture of my shoes until I got back to the ferry. Not a bad idea by the way, because it made clear that I had travelled to an island.
Shoe 10
Elba: De boot met Elba op de achtergrond


Shoe 3
Elba: Vanaf de boot

My last pics where in Florence at the Ponte Vecchio and in Rome. Rome was quite a hard decision, because there are many famous places to find! The Colosseum, Vatican City, St. Peters Basilisk… So I made them all. Unfortunately I never got my best pictures. I made them with someones camera. I stood bear feed in the most religious place in Europe. A few other pictures I did get, including one with the Latin word ” Convers” on the background, which I found quite funny considering the fact that my shoes are Converse.

Shoe 8
Florence: Ponte Vecchio


Shoe 6
Florence: Ponte Vecchio
Shoe 13
Rome: Colosseum by night
Shoe 11
Rome: In de Sint Pieters Basiliek


Shoe 16
Rome: Colosseum


Shoe 17
Rome: Colosseum


Shoe 4
Rome: Het Vaticaan


Shoe 2
Rome: In action

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