Easy Quiche Crusts

A quiche is a perfect way of serving a nice meal without standing in the kitchen for hours. Plus it is one of the best things to make if you want to prepare it in advance. Serve it with a fresh salad and you’ve got a nice light meal that easily feeds 4. Most of the time you can make the quiche crust in advance and fillings are done within a few minutes, the rest is for your oven to solve! Majority of the time you will probably spend on making the crust. So what is the easiest and quickest way to make the base?

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Basic Recipe For The Best Dutch Pancake

When I was a little girl, it was pancake day every saturday. Nowadays people often make pancakes with a mixture they buy in the supermarket, which I really don’t understand. I mean how hard can it be to mix, eggs, milk, salt and flour together. Yes folks, that is all you need! Today I will share the recipe I have learnt from my dad and he learnt it from my grandma, so I scale this one under the heading ‘family recipes’! Sorry that I give the secret recipe price, dad, but I need to help people out there that don’t know how to make pancakes from scratch.

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Dutch Special – Spiced Biscuits called “Kruidnoten”

Today I have a recipe for one of my favourite cookies! It is a typically Dutch specialty, so there is no translation for it really. In Holland we call them “Kruidnoten”. They are only available during a few months per year, because they are part of a typical Dutch children’s feast: Sinterklaas. This feast happens on December 5th, but these little biscuits can be bought in the supermarket from October. You can buy them covered in chocolate or with all kinds of coatings. To make them at home is of course the most fun and the best!

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De lekkerste Karamelsaus

Een karamelsausje is eigenlijk bij heel veel dingen lekker. Zo gooi ik het wel is over mijn pannenkoek, poffertje of natuurlijk bij je desserts. Ik maak het regelmatig, ook omdat het dus heel erg makkelijk is. Vaak heb je wel suiker in huis en alles wat je verder nog nodig is, is boter of room. Je kunt een karamelsaus op vele manieren maken, het ligt er eigenlijk aan waarvoor je hem wilt gebruiken en hoe vloeibaar hij moet zijn. Vaak laat ik mijn werkwijze afhangen van wat er in de koelkast te vinden is. Als ik nog wat room heb staan van een vorig recept, dan gebruik ik die. Anders pak ik meestal boter. Vanavond at ik heerlijke pancakes met gekarameliseerde banaan! Continue reading ….