(Nederlands) Risotto met garnalen, citroen en courgette

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 Hier hou ik zo van! Lekker romige risotto met een bom van frisse citrus en garnaaltjes! Kan je mij echt voor wakker maken! Ook tijdens de wijn spijs proeverij hebben we naast dit heerlijk gerechtje een geschikte wijn gevonden. Zin in risotto? Lees lekker verder, deze wil je maken!

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Bananabread with pecans, blueberries and coconut

Felt like baking again for the first time in ages! I just don’t feel like doing it, so I’m not. But yesterday I was just craving something nice for a Saturday morning brekky. When I saw the bananas waiting there for me in the kitchen, I knew what to make.

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Sunday Lunch Toast with Asparagus and Poached Eggs

Since I started working in Sydney, I know how much Ozzies love their Avo on toast with some poached eggs or vegemite. Walk into any cafe and there will be avo toast on the menu, plus, it will probably be the most popular dish in the venue. So after working in the cafe, where I poached 16 eggs, I went to my other job, where they kindly asked me to poach some more eggs. Happy to have a nice free Sunday, my brain missed the poaching so much, that I even did some in my spare time, for me myself and I!

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