A Foodie Exploring Sydney: Sushi Donuts

Yup, sushi again! I am addicted… I just can´t help it, and you find sushi everywhere around here. I think it is just the Ozzie way to go to have a sushi roll for lunch or to get some Japanese treats for diner. Well, I don´t mind to go with the flow at all! Today, I wandered around the Fish Market on Bank Street. After walking past some amazingly big King crab, lobster and abalone I bumped into the Fish Market Cafe. And I saw, whaaat! SUSHI DONUTS! Or ‘DOSHI’ 🙂

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A Foodie Exploring Sydney: All You Can Eat Japanese

As I arrived in my hostel in Sydney, I already knew how huge this city was. Not only in size, but the food scene here is immense. Spending the first few days in Glebe, made me realise how many great food places there are to explore in Sydney, which gave me the inspiration for a new series of blog posts. As I walk through town, eating here and there, exploring things I never thried before or just drinking coffee in the cosiest cafes around, I came up with the idea to just show you what I try. I mean, if I like it, there must be millions of other foodies out there that are interested in it. Not a foodies guide stating the top 10 places to go here and there, just some words about a nice place I have been too. After all, a city as big as Sydney, has so many great places,it would be impossible to visit it all and make a list. Besides, everyone has a different opinion, right?

So here is my first blog post from the food I tried last week!

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Felton Road Winery – Beautiful wines from a beautiful winery

Before my trip along New Zealand’s west coast took off, I visited the Felton Road Winery for a tour and tasting. As soon as I arrived at the winery I noticed how beautiful this winery is! Green vines mixed with purple flourishing lavender, finished with blue skies and sunshine gave a smil on my face already. And by then, I didn’t even know how beautiful their brand new tasting room was yet.

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