Red fish ceviche with a grilled watermelon salad

It’s one of my favourite fish starters, ceviche. It’s got some nice delicate flavours and is a light begin of your meal. I already posted a recipe with a salmon ceviche on my blog, but I still wanted to make a ceviche with a white fleshed fish (like it originally is made). The combination with grilled watermelon was a wild guess, but it ended up being a great combination!

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Even terug naar de zon

Het is inmiddels volop herfst. Regenachtig, af en toe al ijzig koud en een hoop blaadjes zijn aan het verkleuren. Het enige dat ik zelf leuk vind aan de herfst is het thuiskomen uit de kou en in je lekkere slobber trui met sloffen aan op de bank warme chocomelk drinken. Verder associeer ik het vooral met kou, regen en wind, niet echt mijn cup of tea. Bovendien was het weer hoog tijd voor een artikeltje over reizen. Daarom gaan we terug naar wat zonnige foto’s van afgelopen zomer! Even terug naar de Venetiaanse zon.

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Fresh Herb Salad with Garlic Shrimps

Sometimes the Dutch supermarkets have certain campaigns with which you van collect different things. It goes from cards to toys and the last period you could collect your own mini gardens seeds! Awesome! Every box that you get when you spend a certain amount of money at the supermarket, had their own vegetable or herb seeds. My own veggie patch, something I always wanted to have. Now, I don’t really have a garden, so I placed them in my windowsill. After weeks of love and care taking, I created a huge basil plant and some smaller herb plants. Because I leave for a four week holiday, I can’t water the plants for a long time. I don’t want to waste the herbs I have grown, so I decided to make a herb salad and combine them with garlic shrimps and freshly baked croutons.

Summer salad with pear, gorgonzola and bacon

My first blog post today and this is definatly one of my all time favourites. So, despite this not being sweet, it really deserves to be my best posts. The inspiration from this recipe can straight from a sunny terrace in Florence, Italy. In the summer, when the temperatures start rising a little, I don’t like to eat heavy meals. Often I look for a light fresh salad like this one!

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