Real Aussie Public BBQ Pizza

Everyone who has ever been to Australia knows them. In most day use areas you will find playgrounds, toilets, picnic tables and Public BBQs. These grill plates are used by many backpackers and travellers as well as the locals who like to use them for their family BBQ. Most people take their sausage en burger, but for foodloversmagazine this is too mainstream. After eating all cheap money saving food I felt it was time for a bit of comfort food, ‘Home Made’ pizza on the public BBQs! And yes, this truly works and is not even really expensive to make!

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Peanut butter chicken burgers with cucumber

This is a recipe for FAST Food. not very healthy, but 100% camper/backpacker proof. And hey, there is cucumber on it, that is healthy, right? During BBQs back in Holland, there will always be sateh sauce  or peanut sauce as we would call it, on the table. The peanut butter replaced the sateh sauce in this recipe to make it travel proof. The combination of chicken, peanut butter, cucumber, aioli and bbq sauce ended up being a great combination and a heavenly meal after a long day hike.

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Zoete broodjes met gemarineerde aardbeien en basilicumroom

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Na een week in Aarhus, waarover je HIER al hebt kunnen lezen, stond er nog een kort tripje Kopenhagen op het programma. Wat een leuke stad! Zeker ook voor een foody als ik is het smullen geblazen. Het leek me na deze Deense reis wel leuk om een receptje te posten van iets typisch Deens! Ik heb mijn best gedaan en mijn eigen draai eraan gegeven, dus echt klassiek Deens is het receptje niet meer. Maar zeker wel geïnspireerd door een weekje in Denemarken! Deze zoete broodjes kun je maken met ongeveer alles wat je lekker vindt. Eet ze bij een lekker ontbijt, high tea of maak ze als verjaardagsgebak in plaats van de standaard taart! Continue reading ….

Home Made Coconut-Pistachio Tarts

During summer holidays in Rome, I ended up in this cute bakery where they sold some great pastries! Totally my thing, so I was in heaven! They sold a lot of things I didn’t know, so of course I had to try a few of those. My favourite one was this coconut-pistache and apricot jam tart, and I had to make it back home!

Summer salad with pear, gorgonzola and bacon

My first blog post today and this is definatly one of my all time favourites. So, despite this not being sweet, it really deserves to be my best posts. The inspiration from this recipe can straight from a sunny terrace in Florence, Italy. In the summer, when the temperatures start rising a little, I don’t like to eat heavy meals. Often I look for a light fresh salad like this one!

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