Bananabread with pecans, blueberries and coconut

Felt like baking again for the first time in ages! I just don’t feel like doing it, so I’m not. But yesterday I was just craving something nice for a Saturday morning brekky. When I saw the bananas waiting there for me in the kitchen, I knew what to make.

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Lemon Meringue Slices

One of my all-time favourite recipes are these Caramel slices for sure! It’s one of the easiest things to make, even for kitchen losers! Perfect for birthdays or when someone is coming over for a coffee. When in New Zealand you’ll find a million varieties on these slices in every cafe you go to. All in all reason enough to experiment with a new flavour!

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Travel Stories #20 – Saying my goodbyes

As we were driving towards the main road again, we slowly saw a still car getting closer. I remember how Riina started saying: ‘Oh No…” At first I didn’t see the problem, but soon enough I realised what this meant. When we approached, we saw a proper river over the road. The road was no longer accessible.

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